Outdoor Connection TPBUDS Original Super-Sling 2+ 1.25" W x 28"-37" L Adjustable Mossy Oak New Break-Up Nylon Webbing with Talon QD Swivels for Rifle/Shotgun

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The Super Sling 2+ is 1.25" wide webbing with all the features of the Original Super Sling. The innovative patented Thumb Loop allows for maximum control of the sling and firearm. The Thumb Loop also provides comfort by eliminating tight gripping of the sling, which leads to hand and arm fatigue. There is only one sling with the ability to revolutionize the sling market, only one with this unique design, only one Original Super Sling.

Type Sling
Swivel Size 1.25"
Length Adjustable
Width 1.25"
Color Mossy Oak New Break-Up
Material Synthetic
Gun Manufacturers
Gun Style

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