Galco NIBBKMED Instructors Belt 34"-37" Nylon 1.50" Wide Black

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Galco's Instructors Belt, Non-Reinforced, is 1.5" wide and constructed of Type 13 nylon webbing. It features a drop forged buckle, inspired by the parachute-spec buckle on the 1.75" instructors belt, and is finished with Robar Companies' Roguard, an epoxy-finished tip that prevents fraying. The 5-stitch Belt has five independent rows of stitching running the length of the belt. The vertical rigidity created with this sewing method makes it ideal for use with a holster. Horizontal flexibility is maintained when wrapped around the waist, and it is recommended for comfortable all day wear. Hook and loop closure. This model is black, size M (34-37").

Type Holster
Color Black
Material Nylon
Size Medium (34-37)
Model Instructors Belt
Finish Plain
Model Fit Universal
Mount Type Waist
Belt Size 34"-37"
Shell Count
Caliber or Gauge

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